People who own guns kill lots of people

With all due respect to Ron Cornelius (Letters, Herald, Jan. 21), I must take the contrasting point of view. The Herald does have a responsibility to its readers to make known the extent of the loss of life and suffering that is occurring in our country as the result of gun violence. I wish that every newspaper in our nation had the space to list the name and photograph of every American killed by a gun on a daily basis. But alas, there wouldn’t be enough space for any other news, and the Herald would have to be twice its size.

However, the sheer magnitude of the carnage (several dozen Americans per day) would be more readily appreciated by all of us if it could in some way be conveyed that real human beings with devastated families are suffering on a daily basis. Let’s not hide our heads in the sand and pretend we don’t have a serious problem.

I’m not a big believer in legislating gun laws. But we would not need laws to “outlaw guns” if it were socially unacceptable to brandish and advocate for “gun rights.”

It will be a great day when the NRA withers on the vine of human suffering because most people care about more important things like defending our freedoms with substantive actions instead of bragging about an arsenal of guns and ammo in the basement.

While it is true that guns don’t kill people, it is also true that people with guns do kill people – lots of them.

Rick VanWagenen


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