Credit switch was undemocratic debacle

The handwriting was on the wall from the beginning. One glance at the program of the Fort Lewis College Board of Trustees meeting showed no time scheduled for fair consideration of – or, an informed vote on – the administrations three-credit system proposal. There was only space for an “approval of the proposal.” Disregarding for a moment the academic implications of a change from a three- to four-credit system at Fort Lewis College, the most dividing and demoralizing dilemma is throughout the contention, the provost and the president have been deceitful, dishonest, subversive and disinterested in the concerns of the students and faculty whom they are charged to serve.

For myself, it follows without a shadow of a doubt if the provost and the president cannot be depended on to provide open communication in which the good of the student body is held in highest regard, they must resign or be replaced immediately. A petition for a redress of the student grievances is unlikely. The president and the provost are fortunate the students who witnessed the unmitigated debasement of the democratic process at Fort Lewis College today will have graduated by the time the credit change is implemented, and future students are likely to be preoccupied with the struggle to survive the quagmire of a required five classes per semester – unable to devote time to much of anything outside of their increased course load.

Evan West


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