Take positive, not violent, path to glory

There have been countless debates on gun violence, ownership and regulation. Hopefully, we can escalate a solution to some of these concerns. What do the following have in common: Fort Hood shooter, Virginia Tech shooter, Aurora shooter, Newtown, Conn., shooter and parents of the underage Columbine High School shooters? All registered Democrats. But I’m sure there are equal numbers of Republicans involved. So let’s not label Republicans as being pro-gun violence. Democratic senators and representatives joined together with Republicans near Maryland in trap shooting at an annual event.

Male teenagers and young adults are very impressionable. There are many factors: violent TV shows and movies; video games of war; absence of a male father figure. If you fall into these categories and feel like going out in a blaze of glory, despising school or your friends, how about doing something positive in your life? Take a positive path to fulfill that need for glory and command respect and possibly be a hero – now that’s class. Strongly consider becoming a firefighter. If it’s a gun thing you possess, join law enforcement or America’s military, where not only you will learn the responsibility on handling a firearm but also be rewarded with a free college education. You can have it both ways if you play your cards right and command respect from others. Good luck.

Collin Miller


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