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In the letter from Christopher Jones (Herald, Jan. 31), he appears to be bitter and disillusioned about the deterioration of our country during his lifetime. He has a right to those feelings. I do not know Jones, but I believe I’ve lived during the same period that he has. I am a veteran of World War II, and I know the pride that all of us shared in our country’s honorable and decent treatment of our defeated enemies. Instead of conquering and destroying them, we helped Germany and Japan to regain their dignity and enjoy freedom and prosperity. We knew what a wonderful country we were, and we were proud of it.

Our country, however, is no longer that “Beacon on the Hill.” Somewhere along the line, our principles, honor and morals became eroded. It also seems to me that honesty, integrity, courtesy, manners and respect have atrophied during my lifetime. It would be easy for me to harbor the same feelings of despair and disillusionments as Jones, but I do not. I understand the reality of our world, but I know that anything can be changed if a sufficient number of good people desire it. I believe the vast majority of people on Earth are good. I have faith that they will prevail and will create a better world for mankind, and for all other living creatures on Earth.

Therefore, instead of spending my twilight years dwelling on the failures of the past, I want to spend the time I have left doing whatever I can to make this a better world. The course I have chosen is to help others who need help. During the last year, I established a nonprofit organization, the Grayson Foundation, dedicated to helping anyone who feels that any of their rights have been infringed upon by any authority, governmental unit or organization. Our motto is, “Justice, equality, freedom of all living creatures.” If you are interested in helping us as a friend or partner, please visit Together, we can make this a better world!

John F. Grayson


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