‘From the mayor’

Today’s Opinion section includes the introductory installment of a new monthly column from the mayor of Durango. With this, it is the Herald’s hope to offer readers direct insight into the thinking and concerns of city leaders and, in particular, the mayor and the City Council.

In Durango, the mayor is not separately elected. Rather, the position is rotated among the members of the City Council. The current mayor is Dick White. His term is up April 15, when he will then be succeeded by Mayor Pro Tem Sweetie Marbury.

This mayoral column is labeled “From the Mayor,” which is exactly the intent. As such, White has written for today and will weigh in again for the fourth Sunday in March. After that, soon-to-be Mayor Marbury will take over. And if all goes according to plan, City Councilor Dean Brookie will assume the duty in April 2015.

Free and full exchange of information is essential to good government. And getting it from the mayor’s own mouth brings with it the context and flavor of that original thinking.

We hope readers find it helpful, inviting their feedback.

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