Republican rhetoric seems a bit unhinged

The giant death-spiral otherwise known as the Republican Party has been getting increasingly desperate in recent years, throwing everything and anything at Obama in hopes that something will stick.

But more and more often, they are dredging up a term from the very bottom of their nearly empty rhetorical barrel, convincingly demonstrating their desperation, despondence and disconnect from reality.

The term is “Hitler.” How much lower can one go than invoking the bogey-man? And where is there to go after shotgunning that term around and still not getting a rise from the American public? Hint: nowhere.

They are at a dead end and they know it, as evidenced by their impossibly irrational stridency. Take the recent letter from Fred Gale (Herald, Feb. 13). By comparing Obama to Hitler in his latest diatribe, Gale not only embarrasses himself, but he is beginning to seem a bit unhinged – even by his previous standards.

But I guess it’s going around in certain circles these days.

Joe Green


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