More information needed about FLC credits

Brian Burke (Letters, Herald, Feb. 20) has me confused. I graduated from college in 1978. Every class I took was either three credits or one credit for labs. I have a nephew who is sophomore at the State University of New York in Geneseo, and he has the same credit structure, likewise my niece at SUNY Binghamton and my nephew at the University of Hartford. Am I to understand my niece, nephews and I are just smarter than Fort Lewis College students since we were/are able to absorb the material for our classes in three hours a week and FLC students need four hours?

Burke indicated this decision flies in the face of “shared governance.” My question is: If faculty voted to decrease their workload by 25 percent, i.e., teach three classes rather than four, did they also vote to decrease their pay by 25 percent? Also, doesn’t this four-credit system decrease the number of classes departments can offer? Fewer class offerings could be a hindrance to students at registration time. What about transfers? Do colleges that operate on a three-credit model give transfer students four credits when they transfer and enroll?

Further, since most colleges I have ever had contact with – and I realize that is only anecdotal data – operate on a three-credit model, are there accreditation issues for FLC? Burke throws out several statistics. I would like to see him publish the survey questions, answers and raw data, so we in the community can make our own assessment based on that data. As a community member, taxpayer, retired high school teacher and parent, I would like to ask Burke to educate me on the issues raised above. I believe the community deserves much more information on the three-credit/four-credit issue.

Joe Erickson


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