Ban smoking at Durango apartment house

The overwhelming health problems arising from secondhand smoke at Tamarin Square Apartments is exorbitant. The flagrant disregard for the health of the residents can no longer be overlooked. Just because some of the residents lack care in this respect does not make it alright.

It’s a fact that some people residing or visiting have taken to communal spaces and caused everyone else to breathe in their cancer-, emphysema- and cardiovascular-disease-laden cigarettes so that everyone is exposed.

Not only that, there is no ventilation system in the building. So round and round go the disgusting chemicals, which are well-known killers. When concerned residents wish to open windows to ventilate the air, it is met with much argument and resistance.

Tamarin Square Senior Apartments is a federally funded complex, which should fall under the Clean Air Act or some other tobacco-free program. Why is this met with such disrespect and flagrant disregard for the good health of concerned residents? Why are there not ordinances in this building, and if there are, why then are they not being enforced?

I personally have developed reactive-obstructive airway and allergy-induced asthma related to this exposure and now have to use a rescue inhaler and steroid inhaler.

Something needs to be done to prohibit and enforce a ban on cigarette smoking at Tamarin Square Apartments.

Kathleen Krug


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