Rights are meaningless to those in power

I have written many letters to this editor. Some have been published, and some have not. I tried to put thought into each as a way of releasing the warrior within. The truth is, no matter what I saw, heard or think means little to those who are willing to learn and have no passion to live free or have fought for freedom.

No, you have not walked a mile in my shoes or understand what I could possibly be thinking. I joined the U.S. Navy in 1982 at the age of 17 and worked many second jobs when I was not overseas, in combat, to keep my family going because, although I did qualify for food stamps, I refused to take it out of pride and honor. For the next 21 years, I gave my all and sacrificed everything.

Now I see the country I supported and defended is cutting its military to the bone again. Those who serve today are getting a taste of what we had to go through after Carter and Clinton: cuts to troops, scavenging of parts to keep equipment going and pay that is below poverty levels while those in Congress and Washington, D.C., are paid 20 times more to sit on their butts and do nothing and promise you everything. Liars.

All this administration has done by announcing these cuts is emboldened our enemies again, and more people will die. I’m not surprised, though, because no one – not even the press – will call Obama out on anything. To those in power today, the Constitution is just a rag to wipe their butts. As an American citizen, my rights mean nothing to many in power and their supporters. You try to intimidate our speech through the IRS; you want my guns because you think you know what is best: wrong answer. My right to privacy is gone by the NSA because you think you might catch a terrorist listening to me after I have sent many to see Allah.

I choose freedom. What’s your choice?

Christopher M. Jones


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