Give consequences for juvenile ski behavior

I agree with Lorna Waddington (Letters, Herald, March 7) that Alex Maginnis should be charged. More than 300 hours of time went into his rescue. I work at Purgatory and know how this incident taxed the rescue workers, keeping many of them up overnight searching and everyone worrying about the safety of this irresponsible man.

While I understand there is a hesitancy to issue bills because La Plata County Search and Rescue does not want to discourage people in trouble from requesting assistance, this is a unique situation. This man has not acknowledged his responsibility and has taken an attitude that will encourage others to be just as frivolous about such antics. The interviews with him reflect his arrogance as well as story tale exaggerations. I find it hard to believe he traveled 50 miles in deep snow during a 24-hour period, or that he could even think to tell his family to meet him at the Needles store within the time it would take them to ski down to the base and drive the car over. The entire saga reads like a Hollywood creation, including his lying that the boundary was not marked. Those boundaries are marked, no question. I hope that Search and Rescue will teach this man a lesson, send him a bill and thus send a message that this kind of juvenile behavior has consequences.

Dot Helling


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