LPEA’s meter story keeps changing

According to Dan Harms’ “Smart meter facts” op-ed (Herald, Feb. 9), it is impossible to decide which La Plata Electric Association story to believe because it changes continuously. He claims the meters and infrastructure changes are necessary because “not unlike most utilities across America, (LPEA) is in the process of replacing its meters ... ” Like good little sheep, we must follow?

During LPEA’s original public and private smart meter informative meetings aimed at enticing co-op members to accept the meters, LPEA said replacement of our 9-year-old analog meters was necessary because replacement parts were not available. No parts when electric meters should last beyond 20 years? LPEA also claimed each appliance would “talk to the meter” via computer chips, installed in all electrical appliances several years ago by the manufacturers, enabling the users to adjust their lifestyle and electrical use to lower their bills.

Now, Harms denies individual appliance reading ability, then immediately turns around and says a control device can be attached to do this – ignoring LPEA’s past claim that this is part of the meter itself.

Harms based his entire health and safety claims on the output of one single meter. He ignored the accumulation effect of thousands upon thousands of gas, water and electric meters – including cell towers – routing their readings or signals simultaneously via airborne electromagnetic radiation. It also includes flooding home interiors with radiation, like living inside a microwave. Already ill health effects and outrageous bills have been reported by those who were not aware a smart meter had been installed.

Why does The Durango Herald print questionable LPEA articles and bad jokes aimed at opponents while refusing to interview co-op members who have undeniable documented reliable information disputing LPEA’s contradicting and false statements by Harms, knowing he was educated and trained by LPEA to do its bidding?

If a smart mwweter already has been installed on your home or business, contact LPEA for the opt-out form and request immediate removal of the meter. Your health and safety depend on it.

Len McDermitt


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