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There have been some very good points made about the proposed remake of the intersection of U.S. Highway 550/160 at the DoubleTree Hotel corner. When the Bridge to Nowhere was built, I sat back and didn’t comment. Later, I regretted that decision.

I feel now I am faced with the same situation in a different location, that is, another remake of an intersection costing millions of dollars not needing to be made. This time I feel I need to speak up. I encourage all those who feel the last “improvement” made to our highway system by CDOT was a mistake to also speak up. While this intersection is not perfect, most of the time it works very well. Not only do I feel that $6 million is too much to spend on it, I don’t think it’s good economic sense to partially close down the intersection for months and months of construction during our busiest tourist season. The Bridge to Nowhere has ruined the eastern approach to Durango, and now the highway department wants to make another change to our western approach I fear will be just as bad as the three bridges that look like they belong in Denver, not Durango.

If you agree that this project should not go forward, please speak up. You can contact CDOT’s representative via email at nancy.shanks@state.co.us.

Caroni Adams


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