Other options exist for local intersection

Here we go again. The Colorado Department of Transportation is going to give us another Bridge to Nowhere. This time, it’s a road to trouble. If you are traveling south on Highway 550, you could be required to stop at Seventh Street for pedestrian crossing, then stop at College Drive, continue 100 yards, perhaps stop at the Highway 160 intersection, go another 100 yards and then stop at the crossover for those who are turning west onto Highway 160. This could mean a long back-up of traffic.

Those who are northbound and turning west on 160 need to stop at the new intersection then proceed 100 yards to the traffic light for those that are going east on 160. I think this makes for a very complicated intersection. An easier and cheaper and less complicated intersection would be for two lanes turning west to Cortez. It seems so easy to me and would cost fewer dollars.

Byron Pickett


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