Smith overreaches with gun club critique

I am not a big gun person, but I am terribly bothered by the fact a private club such as the Durango Gun Club is under scrutiny by a city attorney with clearly too much time on his hands. If someone doesn’t like the rules of the club, don’t join. Are all Durango clubs under the scope of the city attorney? Is he equally scrutinizing other clubs’ bylaws and lease terms of where other clubs might be meeting? Smith sounds highly judgmental, calling the NRA “a symbolic agency for relatively extreme political conservatism” (Herald, March 18). I did not realize the NRA disallowed liberal and other citizens who are not extreme conservatives to join. Perhaps Smith should not look at this matter in so bipolar a manner. Everything is not liberal or conservative, black or white. That is the problem with this kind of thinking. It is his way – or no way. Smith is in a position to represent the people, all the people, not his personal views and politics, which he has made clear by outing his views of others.

Liz LaBonte


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