Good neighbor threatened by small people

I find it so interesting people in this county as well as the state – who have taken hunter-safety courses (bringing in revenue), 4-H kids have learned to shoot bows and the proper handling of guns as well as joined in turkey shoots to provide meals to the homeless – are now rallying around the Durango area to expound on how horrible the gun club is.

The city does not provide funds to operate the gun club; we are self-funding. The agreement was made 60 years ago. The latest agreement was to last until the county and city built a new faculty at the outdoor range. If this range closes, as well as the outdoor range, where will the police, Parks and Wildlife, and other law enforcement people train and qualify their skills? Will we as taxpayers have to send them to distant towns?

The National Rifle Association requirement was for the club to be able to apply for grants from the NRA to help improve the range for everyone. We are so small that everything has to become political. The gun club has been good neighbors for more than 60 years, and now it stands threatened by a few small people. What a shame!

Casey Cook


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