NRA exists to shill for gun companies

It is two steps past comical that people like J. Paul Brown, (proud NRA member) think that “The No. 1 goal of the NRA is to protect the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution” (Letters, Herald, March 23). The No. 1 goal of the NRA is to protect the $1 billion gun industry. Period. All that clap-trap from NRA members about the Constitution is pure nonsense.

Undoubtedly, the NRA loves the fact that the Second Amendment exists, but clearly, the NRA exists to protect the big-business interests of those who manufacture guns. And meanwhile it keeps the wool firmly over the eyes of all those loyal members who really do believe in their minds that the NRA is there for them. By keeping this idea alive, those loyal members not only go out and fight their fights and promote guns for the industry, but actually pay dues to be able to do it and then feel patriotic doing it!

That, in my humble opinion, is the purest definition of being someone’s tool. Maybe not nutty, but absolutely naive.

Perhaps the gas and oil companies could use this approach. Under the guise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” they could sell memberships to everyday, “freedom-seeking” people who believe it’s their constitutional right to buy gas and then get these people to go mobile promoting more and more driving and buying gas. I’m actually surprised they haven’t already thought of this.

Maurice Harrigan

Pittsboro, N.C.

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