Letter-writers get it right on several topics

I applaud Sofia Madeen’s letter (Herald, March 9) responding to Garth Buchanan’s continued columns insisting that GMOs are safe. Anyone with a computer can access numerous studies proving the opposite.

GMOs benefit Big Agra companies – not farmers, not consumers and not people facing food shortages. Food shortages can be addressed through better birth control. There is undeniable scientific evidence that proves GMO foods are not safe. Some effects are: organ disruption, toxic insecticides in human blood, infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation ... and the list goes on. Additionally, fertilizer use on GMO crops continues to increase and is dangerous for our planet.

Monsanto and friends have your Congress in their back pocket. They have for years. It’s well past time to regain control of our food chain, not to mention labeling requirements.

I also applaud Glenn Rodey’s well-written and informative letter regarding our military budget (March 23). Obviously, we need to protect our country and the world, but we also need to recognize that the world has changed, and our approach to protection needs to change, as well. There is no easy fix, but reducing the immense power of the military industrial complex is a good start. Let’s get those corporations out of the pockets of our leaders because that is the primary cause for such a morbidly obese military budget.

Caroni Adams (March 23) is right to question the “fix” for the intersection at Highways 160 and 550. What about a two-lane northwest turn lane from 550 onto 160 and a two-lane southwest turn lane from 550 onto 160? Does the bridge need to be widened or rebuilt to handle this, and could that allow the turn lane from 160 onto 550 to flow freely, instead of having to stop when vehicles are waiting to turn north onto 550 from 160? Surely there’s a better way than what is planned.

Lastly, thanks to Ken Van Zee (March 23) for a good chuckle about everything you can find on the Internet. I’m sure you can even find Monsanto-funded studies proving GMOs are safe for everyone!

Beverly Lawrence


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