Obama is most clueless, inept president

Breaking news. In response to Vladimir Putin’s takeover of the strategic Ukrainian Crimea, President Barack Obama, in a stunning show of force and resolve, has placed “sanctions” on 11 high-ranking Russian officials. He has told them, in no uncertain terms that because of this unprovoked aggression against a neighboring country, they will not be allowed into the United States to visit Disneyland on spring break. Ouch! And in a one-two punch, Obama also sent a “strongly worded letter” to Putin, the leader of Russia. Double ouch! What a man! What an impressive leader! Vladimir Putin must surely be quaking in his boots at this bold display of cunning and American resolve – really makes one proud to be an American.

Sorry, even I cannot continue with this parody any longer. Barack Obama is the most clueless and inept person ever to hold the office of president. The anointed one, who is fond of comparing himself to Lincoln, Roosevelt and other truly great leaders of the past, a man who by his own account was going to clean the air and calm the seas, is proving to be a complete and utter fool. His only domestic achievement, Obamacare, is seen as a liability even to the most ardent of Democrats. His foreign-policy agenda, which has alienated friends and emboldened enemies, is a complete disaster and will prove troublesome for the next president and for years to come. It is hard to overestimate the damage that this nincompoop will cause to America in his eight years as president. If there is one lesson to be learned here, it is this: The job of president of the Untied States is exceedingly difficult, it should not be an affirmative-action position! Next time, vote for someone qualified for the job.

Danny Pierce


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