LPEA board should demonstrate patriotism

I have heard there is a candidate for re-election to the LPEA board of directors who will not put his hand on his heart when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited.

I appreciate the board of directors at LPEA recite the pledge before each meeting. I am also told not only does Jeff Berman not put his hand over his heart, but also when asked to lead the group in the pledge, he refuses. A lot of good men have given their lives to protect that flag and our country. Some could argue they also gave their lives to protect the right for Berman to exercise his right to refuse, but it is still troubling he is serving in such a capacity with that attitude.

If you read his blog, he not only doesn’t have respect for the country, he has no respect for the company he was elected to support, the employees, the other board members or their opinions. How can someone who has respect for no one or anything make reasonable decisions about LPEA?

Berman claims to be an expert in renewables but failed miserably with San Juan Biofuels that promised to deliver diesel fuel. He never did make any fuel but cooking oil. He lost a lot of counties’ residents’ money.

I strongly support Bill Waters, a fifth-generation native and patriotic American. Electing him will be a start to keeping us on the right track.

Franklin W. Anderson


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