Anti-God crowd unclear on founding papers

I am writing in response to the Ten Commandments monument in Bloomfield (Herald, April 8). Ah, the ever vigilant ACLU – or “Anti-Christian Liberties Union” ... isn’t it wonderful how these modern day “protectors of liberty” are dutifully keeping Roger Baldwin’s dream alive of ridding the world of anything to do with Christianity and creator God? Baldwin was a rabid advocate of communism. Look it up; it is very easy to verify.

It never ceases to amaze, the frothing at the mouth of those who claim there is no God while desperately twisting and perverting what the Bill of Rights says and what Thomas Jefferson actually said. That pesky little “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” – what a pain that is. The founding documents protect freedom of religion (not murderous ideologies), not freedom from religion.

But as the country falls more and more into violence, ugliness and darkness, we must be diligent to erase any vestiges of morality, decency, civility, natural law and, gasp, God’s law.

Denise Murray


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