Pumping water to Lake Durango is absurd

Several years ago, I recall hearing about the cost of electricity for pumping water uphill from the Animas River to Lake Nighthorse. If my memory is correct, the amount was $60,000 in a 24-hour day. As of now, the Bureau of Reclamation pays for this bill.

In the April 8 Herald, there was a story about a plan to pipe water from Lake Nighthorse to Lake Durango.

I believe there should be another solution in getting water to Lake Durango, if possible. The housing developments served by Lake Durango are already expensive. Should these housing developments pay for the pumping costs, or will the Bureau of Reclamation be stuck with a bigger bill? I believe there should have been a different way to settle water rights with the Southern Utes decades ago. Too late now, but to even consider pouring more money into transporting Animas River water – already contaminated from old mining sites from Silverton – uphill to a so-called reservoir is absolutely absurd. Unfortunately, the city of Durango consumes river water when the reservoir above Fort Lewis College is dry.

I have a filtering system that is not that expensive – an ounce of prevention – and urge everyone to get one for their home or business, no matter where their water comes from.

Sally Florence


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