Chemtrails: Attempt at intentional genocide

How long are we going to allow our government to continuously spray us with chemtrails? It is blatantly obvious that once again, we are under an all-out chemical assault from our skies. Surely we have cleared up the discrepancies from contrails to chemtrails. (If not, search Kristen Meghan, former Air Force environmental specialist on YouTube).

It is important the general public know these chemtrails are intended to be an intentional chemical genocide amongst the people. This is why we have such a severe increase of Stage-4 cancers and particularly auto-immune diseases, as that is what the chemtrails are designed to do: destroy your immune system. Every day, it appears if they aren’t spraying during the day, they will gladly spray at night, hence the chemical cloud cover greeting us everyday; and/or, if we start to have a sun-shiny day with blue skies, they make sure they start spraying Xs to block out the sun. This is also designed to deplete the vitamin D we receive from the sun essential and vital to all life-force energy.

When I woke up on April 11, I was astounded at how many chemplanes were in the sky at once. Normally, they do Xs and Os in the sky. On this particular day, they did a perfect triangle. And, as usual within an hour, they all started to blur and smear and blend together into one, great big chemical sky. I truly would like to encourage all of the intelligent readers of The Durango Herald who know this to be true to please continuously write your senators, local paper and city officials. I have noticed in the past that whenever somebody writes anything about the chemtrails, they actually do stop – but only for three days.

Crystal Andasola


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