GOP needed to counter Dems’ approach

I think the public is becoming increasingly aware of, and impatient with, President Barack Obama’s incompetence in all matters (save, perhaps, “community organization”) and the hollowness of his rhetoric. The question is whether his legacy will be a stone around the neck of the next Democratic presidential candidate and Democratic congressional aspirants.

It should be difficult for Hillary Clinton to distance herself from Obama, as she was a part of his failed administration. She also suffers from a lack of any executive experience and her age, which would make her the oldest first term candidate in the history of this country. Moreover, her deeply flawed character (Whitewater, Refco, Bengazi, etc.) leaves her very vulnerable. On the other hand, Hillary’s overweening ambition likely will induce her to run, despite her ability to make substantial sums as a private citizen ($250,000/speech!).

The GOP should be able to best her, provided it can field a reasonably attractive candidate – something which it failed to do in 2012 when Obama was eminently beatable. If, however, the GOP once again stumbles, we could end up with Clinton and her socialistic, totalitarian approach to government. The only thing that could keep her in check would be a GOP-controlled Congress. Accordingly, the Congressional elections are of vital importance if we are to avoid going down the path to serfdom (apologies to Hayek) and from slouching to Gomorrah (apologies to Bork).

Charles Dickson


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