Parking ‘fix’ at airport is not needed

I recently learned that the La Plata County Airport is going to begin issuing parking tickets to vehicles parked directly in front of the airport (Herald, April 9). In the story, the airport manager said that the parking has created a safety concern with pedestrians crossing the crosswalks being endangered by approaching and parking traffic. In addition, the story said that the TSA “hates” this particular setup.

I frequently use the airport, as does my wife, and the most dangerous place in the entire airport is the overcrowded, usually full parking lot. With vehicles parking, backing and attempting to find their way through the lot, it is always exciting to attempt to navigate our way through this maze. In addition, during the late fall, winter and spring months, this lot is almost always an ice-skating rink because of the inability to plow the lot with all of the parked cars. I’ve seen several people dragging their bags through the snow and ice invert after stepping on a layer of ice. After parking, I challenge anyone to attempt to exit this lot after picking up someone after several flights have landed around the same time. One attendant labors through all of the cars attempting to exit the parking lot, with several cars always backed up, waiting. And the credit card line is usually broken or not in service.

Why fix something that isn’t broken? This proposal is shortsighted and has not been thoughtout. Leave it as it is! Our regional airport is already very congested, and adding this ridiculous change is unneeded and will just add to the already full parking lots. Let’s use some common sense!

Rob Haukeness


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