Election will help determine co-op’s future

The outcome of the upcoming La Plata Electric Association election will be critical in determining the future path of our utility. The first significant task LPEA’s new board will face is the selection of a new CEO. Will the CEO the board hires be conservative and cling to old technologies or be progressive and embrace new? If you believe Earth’s climate is on the brink of irreversible change, if you feel we need to think globally but act locally, this is the time to make your voice heard. Jeff Berman, incumbent from the city of Durango, LPEA’s District 3, is the candidate who best represents the progressive character of the district. Over the years, in the face of opposition from conservative, fossil-fuel-supporting directors, he was the only proponent of energy-efficiency programs and renewable-energy generation. Many motions he made at board meetings were not seconded by directors who now claim to be supportive of these programs. Jeff has proved himself to be a strong advocate for progressive change in LPEA. We can be confidant he will demonstrate that same resolve in the selection of a new CEO and in other future decisions. Answer the call, vote for Jeff Berman.

Harry Riegle


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