Waters the right pick in important election

Bill Waters is the right person for La Plata Electric Association’s District 3 board seat. Bill, a Durango native and successful businessman, is experienced, rational and will make sound decisions. Bill understands the value of renewables and the need to protect our environment, but he also understands the need for balance and diversity of generating options to assure maximum reliability and affordability.

If you attend LPEA monthly board meetings, you may see Bill’s opponent, Jeff Berman, as disruptive. In contrast, Bill is team-oriented and constructive.

Jeff, in a recent letter to LPEA District 3 voters, said 90 percent of your energy comes from coal. Not true. Tri-State’s February data shows that 69 percent came from coal, 19 percent came from renewables. Generation from renewables has been 24 percent or higher in previous months. Jeff says renewables often are cheaper than fossil fuels and result in only 1 percent higher rates. Not true. The latest U.S. Energy Information Administration outlook for electricity rates in 2018 shows fossil fuels are less expensive – natural gas at 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour and coal at 10 cents/kwh. By comparison, Solar photovoltaic is 14.4 cents/kwh, solar thermal is 26.1 cents/kwh, wind is 8.6 cents/kwh and geothermal is 9 cents/kwh. Solar PV in 2018, even with four more years of innovation, is projected to be 120 percent more expensive than natural gas and 44 percent more expensive than coal.

We need to move forward with renewables, but with an honest, accurate and realistic understanding of their costs and how they affect rates. Jeff’s role in energy-efficiency programs? Most were underway before he arrived. His criticism of fellow board members as being old-guard conservatives? Is he referring to the organic farmers and ranchers on the LPEA board – all hardworking, successful businessmen who respect the environment and are good stewards of their land? Bill Water’s respect for Earth and environment equates to his love and respect for his community. You will never see Bill sitting out his Pledge of Allegiance to his country.

This may be the most important election in LPEA history. Please vote for Bill Waters.

John David Nulton


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