Dance supports local economy, bright future

La Plata Electric sends more than $72 million annually out of the area to purchase power that could be redirected into the economy of Archuleta and La Plata counties by buying locally produced power. This would create jobs in our communities and also save energy as less power is lost through transmission when locally produced. The LPEA board of directors has historically failed to evaluate the full advantage of locally produced energy. The board, and the new CEO it will soon hire, need to pay attention to the promise of renewable energy produced by its own members.

Alison Dance understands the value of keeping money local. She advocates energy policy that enhances the local economy while delivering an affordable product. As a successful business owner, she is also aware of the importance of efficiency in operations and sound business practices. She understands that a good business model is one that adapts to change while meeting the needs and demands of those it serves.

Wheeling’s position on Tri-State’s executive committee is not an asset. One does not get elected to that position by thinking outside the Tri-State box but rather by endorsing the status quo. Joe supported the purchase of an old coal mine to keep the old, coal-fired plant in Craig operating. He deemed that purchase a good investment for the future while at the same time did not support the development of solar power, calling it an expense we could not afford. That decision increased our electric bills and supported jobs in northern Colorado.

A vote for Joe Wheeling is a vote for the status quo. A vote for Alison Dance is a vote supporting the local economy and a bright future.

Lissa Ray


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