Liberal bias charges lack full perspective

Regarding comments on “community dialogue” by Dennis Pierce (Letters, Herald, May 3), I have to ask Pierce to pull away from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh long enough to research the demographic makeup of his community. If he did this, he might recognize the community he lives in has changed in the 20 years he has been subscribing to the Herald. Not since 1996 has Durango voted for a Republican for president. In fact, in the last two elections, voters in Durango went strongly for that dreaded community organizer, Barack Obama. Personally speaking from here in the land of the tea party take-over, I can tell you Durango looks wonderful to me, and that is the reason I will be relocating there as soon as I can make it happen.

But as for Pierce, it’s sad he feels so threatened by modern progressiveness. In response to his old charge of “liberal bias” in journalism, I ask where he draws his perspective from. Obviously, if you are so far to the right in your views you feel threatened by any change, you will see everything around you as too progressive. I do notice the Herald publishes Pierce’s letters, regardless of how out of touch they are. So what is the problem? Surely, Pierce gets enough right-wing lies from his other sources, so why not let the Herald offer you another perspective for a change?

Maurice Harrigan

Pittsboro, N.C.

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