Civil War Ball an inappropriate event

I am writing to voice my disgust with the Civil War Ball to be held at the La Plata County Fairgrounds.

As a white Southern man and descendant of slave owners, I have seen far too much racism disguised as celebrations of history and heritage.

Why would I consider a Civil War dance party – that includes both Confederate and Northern soldiers and their significant others – racist?

If I were African American or Native (I’m talking about actual Native Americans, not the ignorant Caucasian Subaru-driving jerks with the “native” Colorado bumper stickers), what would be my role if I were to attend this “celebration” and maintain historical accuracy?

The website for this event prominently features a Confederate flag – a symbol that to me represents a time when the upper-class white people of the Southern states thrived off of treating those of African descent as nonhuman, resulting in a grotesque inequity that was never dealt with and still influences our society today, socially and economically.

It was a time of not just owning others as property and forcing them into labor but of tearing apart families, whip lashings, rape and countless other denials of human rights. So please, do not talk to me about historical accuracy, celebrations of heritage or all being welcome.

This is an entirely inappropriate celebration of a horrific time in history that should only be solemnly remembered.

Clancy Donnelly


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