Time for new blood at the sheriff’s office

Yes, Sheriff Duke Schirard ran unopposed in the last two elections. Do you know why? He threatened to fire any of his deputies who ran against him. (I have this information on good authority.)

Kudos to Sean Smith for stepping up to the plate. Schirard is making us an offer we cannot afford to pass up. He is 72 years old – 20 years in complete control. This sounds like a worn out monopoly to me.

Sheriff Schirard has done his job well. It is simply time for him to step aside and let some new blood step into his place. Sean Smith is a Durango native. He is committed to our community and to the Sheriff’s Department in particular, with his years served here.

He also has experience in administration and law enforcement from another state, thus he will be able to cut costs and reallocate them in a more effective way based on the advanced technology and more modern views he has been exposed to in this other environment.

Let’s send Sheriff Schirard off with a big vote of thanks for a job well done, and let Sean Smith escort us into a new and better future.

Wanda June Prowell


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