Cyclists refuse to obey traffic laws

So, we put up with construction at one of the busiest intersections in Durango. Lord knows how much money was spent on this. What I want to know is, why do we spend this kind of money to assist bicyclists when they refuse to obey traffic laws? It’s OK for a cyclist to fly through a stop sign, cut across four lanes of traffic and then ride up the wrong side of the road, but if I did that in my car, I’d probably land in jail (If I were caught)! I am under so much distress about the rude cyclists in town that I get pretty nervous whenever I see any cyclist on the road in front of me. I always try to give a wide berth and make sure that I am giving plenty of room for the cyclist. I watch for them – shouldn’t they watch for me, too? I mean, two cyclists side by side talking can’t stop their conversation to start riding single file so I can get by, but they’re perfectly content with me following at a close proximity. Come on, guys, have a little more consideration. If I have to follow the laws, so do you. Red means stop, yield is yield, and hey, watch out for the other guy – just like we do in our cars; most of us anyway.

Rebecca Lumbert


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