It’s time for NRA to back off

Watching the latest massacre of innocents in Santa Barbara, California, and the grief-torn message from a victim’s father, Richard Martinez, I stand with him. It’s time for the National Rifle Association and its sycophants to back off. They are not the fourth estate of government, nor were they ever. We have three bodies of government, one of which is not the NRA.

The Constitution is an elastic document, designed to meet the current needs of a growing and progressing society. A cursory look at the Supreme Court’s contradictory decisions during the last several hundred years suggests that the justices are well aware of this. There is no such thing as a “strict constitutionalist.” It follows that, in the context of recent aberrant behaviors on the part of so many of our disturbed population, all the legislative bodies including the court (which is a legislative body) need to make meaningful and enforceable laws about our ever-increasing regress into domestic physical violence. This means throwing off the poison of the NRA and its toadies in favor of the American people.

Frank Duffy


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