Colorado needs to replace its U.S. senators

The Herald ran an story (June 4) about Democrats seeking “donation limits” by attempting to amend the Constitution. Specifically, Democrats are attempting to change the First Amendment. While the article discussed funding limits for campaigns, in actuality, the proposed amendment does much more than that: It allows the government to decide who can campaign and who cannot. Even the left-wing ACLU has come out against this power-grabbing amendment. Although, to be practical, this amendment has a negligible chance of passage.

Democrats (Colorado Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet are co-sponsors) have never really been worried about corporations’ political contributions except for one reason: The Democrats receive unmatched amounts of contributions from the corrupt unions, and they fear Republicans’ ability to receive money from corporations as a loss to the Democrats’ competitive edge. Without getting into the weeds on this issue though, the real question in Colorado is why our two Democratic senators are trying to amend the First Amendment in a partisan way.

Udall and Bennet were also vociferous in their support of all the Democrat talking points about Obamacare and how “you can keep your plan if you want to,” “it will bend the cost curve down,” “you can keep your own doctor” and so on. All of these statements have turned out to be deliberate lies, and our senators were well aware of this in 2010 when they blocked an attempt to fix Obamacare.

Bennet was part of a group of senators who encouraged the IRS to bring special pressure on conservative organizations. Think about it – our senator encouraged weaponizing the IRS so it could be used against people with different political leanings. As more and more comes out about the IRS crimes, Democratic lawmakers who were involved are desperately hoping that left-leaning media will cover for them by not reporting progress in the investigation. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., has now decided to retire as his involvement with the IRS is coming to light.

We have a couple of U.S. senators with questionable ethics. We need to replace them, too.

Mike Sigman


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