Social Security run no better than the VA

If you think the Social Security Administration treats people any differently than the Veterans Administration treats soldiers regarding their health care, think again. It is the same type of thing, unbearable waiting times and anything they can dream up to deny or delay giving you benefits of care.

They absolutely do not care about your health or well-being as they have to confer for months with other physicians in another part of the state even to begin to consider whether you deserve health care or how to pay for it. I guess by the time they finish deciding whether or not you’re entitled to care, many have died, their conditions become worse or they become enraged and quit seeking care because they’re sick of doctors who can’t or won’t treat you because they have to ask 10 other people who control the money and determine what the doctor can or cannot do.

In my opinion, it is second-rate, poor-quality care. What it comes down to is that you’re not worth the money it costs to take care of you. They’ve decided that money is better spent on war, weapons, tax breaks for the oil companies, etc. The powers that be would have you believe that the only people truly deserving of medical care were those conned into fighting a meaningless war based on lies in Afghanistan and Iraq, even though, based on what’s happening with the VA, the powers that be don’t care if war veterans receive care or commit suicide.

Health care under President Barack Obama is the same confusion, uncaring, overpriced, poor-quality mess it was before he came into office. Everybody should have a right to health care. Most civilized industrial nations provide universal care for their citizens that doesn’t bankrupt them or cause them to die waiting for care. Until it changes, they can keep their paws off of me.

Fritz Schnell


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