Smith supporters making false accusations

I had hoped this campaign would be based on issues. Unfortunately, the “Smith for Sheriff” campaign has set the tone. Already, I have come to expect the “lying letter of the day.”

Candace Richerson (Smith campaign financial contributor) stated (Letters, Herald, June 8) I spent 30 minutes complaining about budgets. That’s not true. She stated I called in consultants. That’s not true. She stated that I said, “domestic violence did not exist before 1975.” That’s not true. I spoke for less than three minutes about working with county administration to reduce overtime.

The county administration called in consultants to look at my request for additional patrol deputies. The consultants concurred that the county needed them; I didn’t call for consultants. On domestic violence, I stated when I was a child (1940s and 1950s), domestic violence was not as prevalent. More couples were married with family values, and there was a lot of social ostracism should that sort of activity occur.

Wanda Prowell, in her letter (June 10), stated she had it on good authority that I threatened to fire any deputy that ran against me. Her good authorities lied to her. She repeated it. Name your “good authorities,” Ms. Prowell! If that is true, why is Deputy Sean Smith (and his wife) still working for me?

Carol Ruth (“Sean Smith for Sheriff” financial contributor) also wrote (Letters, Herald, June 6) that I called in consultants. She obviously doesn’t listen well. I brought in no consultants. The county administration brought in consultants to look at my request for more patrol deputies. The consultants agreed with the Sheriff’s Office. The “Sean Smith for Sheriff “ campaign has a slogan “expect more.” Well, we are beginning to “expect more” deceit, prevarications and underhanded Obama, Chicago-style campaigning.

I have a 40-year law-enforcement history with 19 years of proud service to this county as sheriff on which to run my campaign. I intend to do it that way. If you have a question concerning my stance on issues, call the Sheriff’s Office, and I’ll tell you the truth.

Duke Schirard


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