‘Woman in the red shirt’ glad for survivor

I am a registered nurse at Mercy Regional Medical Center. I was so very excited to read the story headline “With help, California man survives highway heart attack” (Herald, May 18) because I am “the woman in the red shirt.”

My partner, Robert Reed, is a welding instructor at Southwest Colorado Community College in Cortez. He has a little apartment that he stays at during the week when he is teaching. The weekend of May 3, he was working the Home and Garden show in Cortez and couldn’t come for the weekend, so I went to stay with him.

That Friday night, we were on our way to dinner as we drove by James Foley’s car on the side of the highway. We saw his wife and a man trying to do CPR. We immediately turned around and stopped to help. Rob checked for a pulse, and I started CPR. Right away, Foley turned from gray to pink. We kept CPR going until EMS arrived and took over.

Even though I work at Mercy, I had no idea what happened to the “guy I did CPR on” until I read your story. I am so glad Foley survived his heart attack and that Rob and I were able to help. Thanks for publishing this story.

Amber Phillips


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