Even now, Schirard still serves and protects

I recently retired and “pulled the pin” on a nearly 40-year career in law enforcement, comprising three police agencies in the West. My start, as a young whippersnapper deputy in La Plata County, partnered me with Sheriff Duke Schirard – then another young deputy. Even though about four decades of water and distance have gone under the bridge, we are still close friends and colleagues.

And, over all those years, through police experience from my various assignments, training, duty stations and contacts, agencies large and small, I seriously doubt that the residents of La Plata County can come up with a better man to be their sheriff than Schirard. After all, he has “served and protected” you for more years than any other sheriff in the history of Colorado.

Many, many years ago, Schirard and I covered each other’s backs in violent and hostile “events.” Today, he will cover the backs and protect the rights and lives of all who live in, and pass through, La Plata County.

Vote for Sheriff Duke Schirard.

Phillip Tillman

Missoula, Montana

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