Corporate owners have us where they want

“You have owners. They own you ... You know what they want? Obedient people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly (lousier) jobs with the lower pay,” George Carlin, The American Dream, 2010.

How do our owners breed obedient people? The patriarchs of the Supreme Court just gave our owners another tool to crush their patriarchal religion upon women. In so doing, corporations and politicians resume their goal of controlling fertility and forcing young women to bear unplanned children that no one can or will feed. Next, they slash funding for nutrition and education programs to program America’s poorest children for failure, for malnourishment, for obedience as cheap labor ­– especially the cheapest labor of all: prison inmates. This action is the mark of a deadbeat parent. Why are we electing deadbeats? Is it any surprise that the patriarchs of the Supreme Court voted for their stock options instead of our Constitution? Have they a divine right or duty?

The First Amendment clearly states that we are absolutely free to obey our own religion. We are absolutely not free to force our religion upon others. Why are we abandoning the Constitution to allow the Republicans and other patriarchs to create a malnourished child mill to serve the owners? Why do people humiliate, intimidate, bully and harass young women to serve themselves while sacrificing women and children to corporate greed? It is not Jesus they are serving between women’s legs. Republicans serve ALEC, the Koch brothers, corporate power and themselves. Unfortunately, the patriarchs’ goal is to destroy creation to turn it over to their lord. Separation of church and state is a really good thing.

While we malnourish almost 1 in 4 of our children, America has been hustled into depending upon and addicting itself to processed grains with our sugar, salt and fat. Perhaps we are all malnourished. Perhaps the owners have us just where they want us. The bottom line is above all, and our halos are our horizons.

Ann T. Johnson


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