Schirard deserves more than slap on wrist

Regarding the Herald’s editorial “Schirard’s email” (July 6), anyone who has held a job in the last 20 years knows you don’t send personal emails from your employer’s computer. I’m struck by the Herald’s slap-on-the-wrist attitude. Citizens should expect a sheriff, who runs a “quasi-military organization,” to respect the office of the commander in chief regardless of his personal politics – and to have a sheriff who would not have to be reprimanded by the editor of the local newspaper for such a rookie move.

Issues about the sheriff’s inability to manage his office, his lack of knowledge about domestic abuse and his refusal to uphold state law are not what the sheriff wants to discuss. Let me get out my ruler and slap Schirard’s wrist: Schirard can’t use La Plata County tax dollars, nor county time while on the job, to campaign for re-election. As Mary Medill pointed out (Letters, June 24), this pattern of behavior exemplifies Duke Schirard’s unprofessional true colors.

Candace Richerson


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