Community turns out fine suite of parades

No one is certain the origin of parades, but there has been documented evidence of parades in Spain dating back 10,000 years ago. I think a lot of us look forward to our community parades. As I reflect on my memories of growing up in Durango and the surrounding area, I always enjoyed the Spanish Trails and Navajo Trail Fiesta parades. In my youth, it was important for our family to participate in the Fiesta parades. Ignacio has great parades that reflect positively on this town. Of course, we are fortunate to have Snowdown and Durango Cowboy Gathering parades. I never miss the Veterans Day parade.

While the parades put on by local high schools and Fort Lewis College vary from year to year, it is enlightening to see our youth in action. Not a better parade can be found in the area than what happens in Bayfield every Fourth of July. You feel the sense and pride of the community, and people are just having a great time. My father was in the Bayfield parade driving his 1954 Ford all decorated with flags and red, white and blue. He had a blast. The diversity of our parades is to be celebrated.

Kudos goes out to this year’s organizing committee and participants of Durango’s Fourth of July parade. This parade was a huge improvement, and I applaud BID, Karen Thompson, Chris Warren, Mike Hudson, Justin Otto, Pam Glasco and Tim Walsworth. For communities like ours, parades are a way of taking time to showcase the vitality of our people. Sometimes, our zany and playful sides are displayed, and other times, our talented folks and heroes are recognized. Nevertheless, it is usually fun, and it takes volunteers to organize these parades. I am grateful for all who make the effort to keep the parades coming. Will Rogers had a great quote: “We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” For me, it is an honor to be on the curb and clap and celebrate why we live here.

Sheri Rochford Figgs


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