Enough with the partisan gridlock

By the Supreme Court ruling for the rights of one company, it has opened a can of worms. If the court sides for the religious rights of one group at work, it must be fair and consistent and side the same way for others who may want the same rights (and that’s how U.S. laws work: and justice for all). This has nothing to do with abortion or birth control, but the law and the fairness of that law. Now, anyone of any religion can claim he or she are being violated at work and ask for the same relief. It could be anything he or she are against, including but not limited to: prayer, gays, women can’t show their faces or speak, blood must be over a doorway during Passover, not giving medical treatment at work, not to work for a certain month, whatever.

This is America, and if one group gets a right to enforce its religious beliefs, others can’t be denied. The answer seemed easy to me: Obamacare should have been revised instead of giving Hobby Lobby an exemption. That one revision would have settled many problems that are coming down the road. For most, this ruling is more than just the fairness and implications of this ruling. For many, it’s about religion. For most, it’s just another left vs. right debate. Aren’t the American people feeling sick and tired of this endless left-and-right debate and the gridlock it‘s causing?

I plead with all Americans and the politicians to let go of all of their preconceived ideologies, take a deep breath and try to see the truth. If we are the greatest, most powerful country in the world that is supposed to set an example, let’s take a hard look at the kids at the border, health care for all and cleaning up the planet. These issues should not be about what party you belong to, but what is best for America and mankind in general. I’ve never seen this great country so torn over political ideologies.

Mona Ketchum


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