New intersection confusing and dangerous

I am not one of those people who dislike change just because they don’t like something new. But after nearly getting T-boned at the new Highway 550/160 intersection near the DoubleTree Hotel, I have to speak out.

While northbound on 550, I had a green arrow at the second (northern most) left-turn light and was just about to make a left turn to go west on 160. Fortunately, I looked left just in time to see a pickup blowing past the small “Stop here on red” sign and slammed on the brakes.

The pickup driver made a natural mistake. Most people think you are supposed to stop at the red light itself, not 20 yards short of it. Many drivers will not see the “Stop here” sign and will hit cars making a legal left turn. Also, it is just a matter of time until a tired tourist or a drunk or stoned local is going to turn north into the southbound 550 lanes at the first (southern most) left turn light, instead of continuing into the left turn lane.

Sad to say, I anticipate seeing traffic accident reports of head-on collisions at the southern left-turn light and T-bones at the northern light. Be very careful when driving through this intersection. Its unusual design is confusing and dangerous, especially at night.

Ann Emigh


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