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Motorcyclists collide on Florida Road

Brandon Mathis/Durango Herald

A motorcycle reveals rear-wheel damage sustained when it was hit by a Texas woman’s motorcycle as both riders attempted to pass a truck towing a trailer on Florida Road (County Road 240), 13 miles east of Durango. The rider of this motorcycle was treated for minor injuries; the Texan was transported to Mercy Regional Medical Center.

By Brandon Mathis
Herald Staff Writer

A Texas woman and a man, each on motorcycles, collided while attempting to pass a truck towing a camper trailer 13 miles east of Durango on Florida Road (County Road 240).

Upper Pine River Fire Protection District, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado State Patrol responded to the call that came in around 1:15 p.m., and traffic was restricted after the incident.

Scott Holland of Canyon Lake, Texas, said he and his wife have ridden 35,000 miles on their motorcycles, traveling 1,300 miles before arriving in Durango, where the two were visiting family.

All three riders were traveling west toward Durango when the accident occurred.

“She and this other bike were trying to pass a camper, and they realized there was traffic coming, and this guy stepped on his brakes first,” he said. “He was ahead and decided he wasn’t going to make it, and I don’t think he realized that she was right behind him, and she ran into the back of him.”

Holland said his wife was conscious but may have a dislocated shoulder. The other man was treated for minor injuries. All three were wearing helmets.

The speed limit for the road is 45 mph.

“The camper was putting along at 30 mph or so, so the bikes were trying to get around it,” Holland said. He saw the entire incident take place.

“She’s a good rider,” he said. “We’ve been riding a long time.”

Upper Pine Fire District Deputy Chief Roy Vreeland said Holland’s wife was transported to Mercy Regional Medical Center.


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