Israeli actions against Gaza are excessive

The current excessive and indiscriminate military actions being visited upon the residents of the Gaza Strip by Israel are nothing more than an expression of hate. Gaza is a very small area and densely packed by a people who have been trapped there for decades by a hostile Israeli regime.

The death toll now stands at several hundred, in most cases, innocent civilians including children. Many hundreds of structures have been destroyed by one of the most powerful military forces in the world. Israel feels threatened by the “overwhelming military might” of Hamas.

The purported missile attacks on Israel have injured a handful and perhaps killed another person. Israel should broadcast to the world the horrible damage caused by this barrage of thousands of rockets, so their actions against the Palestinians can be justified.

The Israelis revel in this business (remember past actions against Gaza and Lebanon). One is mindful of what happened to the Warsaw Ghetto at the hands of the Nazis in World War II.

Recently, a representative of Congregation Har Shalom spoke out strongly against Israeli settler action in burning to death a live Palestinian boy (Letters, Herald, July 16.) I wonder their thoughts about the Israeli actions now against the Gazans?

Robert H. Phelps


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