Vacation destinations for D.C. politicians

Unlike a lot of Americans, I am not at all concerned that Congress and the president will be taking a five-week vacation starting next week. After months of hard work, studiously avoiding solving any of America’s many pressing problems, these underworked, overpaid “public servants” need a vacation and I, for one, would like to suggest a few places that I think they should all visit.

I hear that Syria is lovely this time of year, what with the heady smell of high explosives wafting through the night air, as is Lebanon, Iraq, the Gaza strip and possibly even Ukraine. There is always the allure of exotic darkest Africa with hungry lions, tigers, and the terrorist group Boko Harum around to liven things up.

Honestly now, who needs these worthless, miserable, lying, incompetent fools around? Let them leave town – good riddance, I say, we will all be better off for their absence. However, there is one very special, very hot destination that I and most loyal Americans probably would like to see them all go.

Danny Pierce


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