Western rednecks cannot resist tea party

If it’s not abundantly clear yet, it should be. We need to stop electing bigots, gun nuts and Fox News junkies to public office. They have no solutions, no interest in government, and haven’t accomplished anything except paralysis. J. Paul Brown is the definition of this type of politician. His scurrilous attack on Jeff Berman (Letters, Herald, May 11); his position of not caring who is poisoned or what is polluted by coal power plants as long as his electricity is cheap; his failure to support any form of alternative energy; and his misleading letter blaming Democrats for lack of school funding (Herald, July 28) show he is completely out of touch. He’s just another tea party parrot.

If tea party members think they have it right, they should become a third party and trot out their Mouth of the South Cruz/Bimbo Palin ticket, and see how they do. They know they’d get only 20 percent of the vote so continue to hijack the Republican Party, which is now in a seemingly endless contest to see who can be the stupidest redneck. Tea party assertions that there are terrorists among the flood of children entering from Central America, that women are being impregnated and smuggled in to give birth to terrorist babies; that more guns is always the answer and, of course, their most ridiculous National Rifle Association credo that ”guns don’t kill people, people do,” are just a few of their ludicrous positions. They even jumped on the Cliven Bundy (common thief and tax evader) bandwagon until his idiotic rants made him too racist for even them to stomach.

A vote for the Republican Party any more is a vote for Deep South beliefs and bigotry, and Western rednecks can’t resist. Republicans’ failure to address immigration reform, gun control or any other meaningful legislation; their relentless attack on women’s rights; their causing this to be the least productive Congress ever; and suing of the president all mean it’s time for them to go. Vote them out!

Ken Van Zee


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