Dry Fork silt an issue for Lightner, Animas

I would like to bring attention to the quality of water that flows from Lightner Creek and joins the Animas River. This is a matter that should concern all people living in La Plata County. The problem is caused by severe silting from Dry Fork Creek down into Lightner Creek and thence into the Animas River. After two major downpours this summer, Lightner Creek was inundated with an immense amount of silt from Dry Fork. This fouled the creek and also some drinking water sources down stream. The resulting flow was easily seen when entering into the Animas. A chocolate-milk appearing creek, laden with silt, was visible entering the river. For many yards, the flow did not intermingle but exhibited a river with two distinct colors. This problem was noted, and some grass seeding was done to cut down on this erosion in the past. The problem remains unsolved. I am unsure of the solution or even to whom I should be addressing this issue. But the problem should be re-evaluated and corrected. Our precious water is much too valuable to allow this to happen.

Steve M. Olson


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