Armored vehicle is for deputies’ safety

I have been in law enforcement fields for more than 31 years. Save all your “anti-militarization of the police” statements – they will not change my view, as I have heard them all.

This is my sheriff’s department protecting our populace, and they themselves need safety devices, so they may go home to their families at the end of their shift. Like I said, my La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, not the ATF at Waco or FBI at Ruby Ridge.

I know each and every one of these fine men and woman; I have been to many of their homes, met their spouses and children. They are good people in a dangerous environment. If they don’t deserve ballistic protection, well then neither do the bank tellers, the clerks at convenience stores, executives in armored limos or Brinks truck drivers, etc.

It is to save lives, not take them.

Do you not recall the devastating floods last winter in the Denver area? Military-style vehicles were used in numerous rescues there.

And by the way, it is not a tank by any means. Only the ill-informed, misinformed or those with a politically biased agenda would refer to it as a tank. The MRAP is an unarmed, wheeled vehicle, and no more a tank than is an armored money-transfer truck. Both have the same purpose: the safety of the people inside.

So, if it is a scary vehicle because it could run you over, well then so is your Subaru Outback. I am happy we have this tool.

Paul Bradford


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