There are two sides to most stories

Before we engage in our seasonal letter-to-the-editor merry-go-round, I have some suggestions. One should always understand that very often, we have two sides to most stories. Our Democratic brothers and sisters only believe their story. The Herald also adheres to this mindset. Democrats believe Obamacare will save money and you can also keep your doctor. They also believe Israel is bad and Hamas is OK. How about this: Money grows on trees, so who cares?

The education issue is simple. Democrats have been driving this one for 40 years. They tell me on the radio 1 in 6 teenagers drops out, that 1 in 6r kids goes to bed hungry. How is that Great Society working out for you? Sustainable means it will cost you; affordable means only the folks who buy organic will be able to afford it. I would rather be warm than cold. The fix: Cut taxes and regulations and let the free market be free. I know what you are thinking. I’m a conservative Western redneck, so I’m stupid. No need to respond.

Paul Wainwright


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