Anti-cyclist comments went too far

I’d like to bring something scary to the attention of those who may have missed the Herald’s online Blotter on Aug. 15: “Someone reported seeing an irate bicyclist on the southwest corner of 9th and East Third Avenue” to which Jeff Corr responded online, “I’ve never seen a friendly bicyclist in Durango. At least 10 times this week, they disregarded traffic laws and simply pedaled in front of me, then when I slam on the brake, they give me the finger. I must say, my desire to not smash them under my car is no longer balanced by my desire to not go to jail.”

Corr should take a deep breath and think about what he just put out there. By this logic, these cyclists are nameless, faceless cretins who, by not following the rules of the road, deserve to die. Does Corr not see something a little off in this thought process? Instead, he should try seeing these cyclists as his kids’ school teachers. Or his dentist. The teller at his bank. Or at least as mothers or fathers or somebody’s son or daughter.

If Corr is causing all these cyclists to “give the finger,” I wonder how exactly he is approaching them? Slamming on the brakes in a loud scary way at close proximity to someone who is suddenly feeling vulnerable on a bicycle? For a minute, he could try imaging yourself as the cyclist and how he would react to such an adrenaline-producing encounter. We all know that there are rude cyclists that give all of us a bad name. But they are usually just young. They’ll learn. They really will. In the meantime, there are plenty of us out there who try really hard to ride respectfully. We are just trying to get to work, get to school or just get some fresh air without getting “smashed under your car.”

If anybody out there knows Jeff Corr, for heaven’s sake, try talking some sense to him. In the meantime, Durango Police Department, please take note.

Mary Oswald


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